Sophie Ashdown Coady is a British-born artist who grew up in Canada, Australia and the UK who now resides in Chiswick, West London.  With a degree in Film from the University of Toronto, Sophie’s primary career moved into web and IT but she continued to paint in her spare time until a few years ago when painting started taking over her day job.

Over the past 20 years Sophie has explored many different methods of painting but always comes back to a style full of patterns, lines, and blocks of colour.  She has developed her own techniques that lay paint on the canvas in new and unusual ways.

Sophie paints from her heart and finds that her pieces usually have a “nucleus” quality where there is a discernible centre from which the rest of the image extends.  She creates and explores shapes using a concise colour palette, letting the image grow organically as she continues to work.

The intention is to create paintings that make people stop and consider a piece for a period of time, and want to talk about it with another person.  Her portfolio is full of art that gets people talking.

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