I have been painting for over 20 years but only recently decided to pursue being an artist as a full-time career.  I have explored many different styles of painting but always tend to come back to a style full of straight lines and blocks of colour.  I like to explore shapes using a concise colour palette, often combining a figurative element with an abstract background.

I am inspired a great deal by repetitive shapes that are seen in everyday life.  These could be from nature such as the underside of a mushroom or fur patterns on an animal.  From an urban setting there are repetitive shapes such as streets on a map or windows on a building.  My eye tends to seek out the straight lines in any environment I’m in.

Artists that inspire me include Kandinsky, Mondrian, Rothko, Hockney, Ellsworth, O’Keefe, and Delaunay.  When looking at pieces from these artists, I can spend a long time looking and considering one work.  My intention now is to translate that into my own pieces so they become more than just a painting but a talking point on the wall.

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